You might be wondering what makes the 2021 Limited Edition vintage release of Bloody Shiraz Gin so special? Well, three things really (or four, if you count the delicious drinks at the end of this email).

The first reason is that every Shiraz vintage is a little bit different.

In the past we’ve seen some pretty significant variations in vintage, which were then reflected in the gin – in fact, some of you may remember just how pale (but delicious) the 2017 vintage of Bloody Shiraz Gin was in comparison to other years.

But as each year has gone by, we’ve learnt more about how to produce our delicious Bloody Shiraz Gin by very carefully judging the optimal picking time of each parcel of fruit.

The great news is that 2021 was about as perfect a vintage as you could wish for around these parts. Everything about it was just bloody good. Good fruit set, good weather, good rainfall, good sunshine, good ripening… it all resulted in really bloody good fruit.

We picked at varying times across the vineyards to ensure we used the best and plumpest Shiraz grapes. The fruit we picked earlier had lots of those classic regional white pepper and red berry flavours, while the late-picked fruit gave us a deeper colour and berry fruits.

Overall, 2021 was a fabulous vintage, providing great acidic and sugary aromas to our Shiraz crop. White pepper and spice were also dominant at picking, as our grapes leant more towards a red berry or slight plum profile. 

As Cameron said, “If we could have this sort of vintage every year my hair might grow back”. Spoiler alert Cam, it won’t. 

The second reason is that beautiful bottle. 

After two years of working with great Melburnian illustrators (Jess Cruickshank and Ellen Porteus) we decided to do something a little different in 2021. We wanted to fully celebrate that bloody liquid, from how it moves around the grapes while making the gin to how it moves in a glass when stirred into a drink.

We think the end result is spectacular, as well as super collectible and reusable. A few of us have already finished a bottle of this year’s Bloody Shiraz Gin (oops), and have now repurposed it for home-batched Negronis or (more sensibly) water bottles for the table.

So grab a bottle and have a crack at these new cocktails below – you’ll be on your way to both delicious drinking and ultra-upcycling potential!

And the third reason is that if you purchase two bottles, you’ll get a free jar of our new ‘Made From Gin’ Grape & Quince Paste. Scroll down for some bloody delicious serving ideas (or just get shopping before all the grape paste runs out).

Bloody Shiraz Gin, grapefruit and bubbles combine to create this party starter.
– 30mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
– 30mL ruby red grapefruit juice
– 30mL soda water
– 90mL sparkling wine
– Grapefruit
– Fill a wine glass over ice
– Add the ingredients
– Top with sparkling wine
– Garnish with a slice of grapefruit

Pure purple deliciousness in a glass, with sweet fruit, spicy ginger and zingy lime.
– 50mL Bloody Shiraz Gin
– 25mL fresh lime juice
– 60mL ginger beer
– Lime
– Squeeze lime juice, reserving the hull
– Shake gin and lime juice over ice, then strain into a rocks glass
– Add ginger beer, ice and garnish with the lime hull

Our new Grape & Quince Paste was born to sit on your cheese board. It goes amazingly with a washed rind cheese (especially brie) or a soft blue cheese (like gorgonzola). But honestly, we don’t discriminate when it comes to cheese. 

Source: fourpillarsgin.com.au

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