Hand Picked Spirits Sample Bottles

Ever Wanted To Taste a Limited Edition or Expensive Spirit But Couldn’t Afford to..?

Obtaining and consuming an investment grade Single Barrel Kentucky Bourbon Whisky, 18 Year Old Japanese Whisky or Limited Edition Ardbeg Release isn’t a cheap exercise by any stretch of the imagination. With prices constantly rising and demand always shifting in the liquor market, there are many connoisseurs out there who don’t drink the whisky they buy, they keep it. Keep it to sell at a later date – see our blog about buying whisky for your Self Managed Fund.

This being the case, MyBottleShop has partnered with Hand Picked Spirits to provide a tasting experience like no other, we’re launching in partnership, a 50mL sample bottle range of spirits. We’ve kicked things off with a little of everything so that intrigued drinkers and collectors alike can try that whisky that has sat on the top shelf for the past however long. This is an affordable way to drink top shelf spirits!  Check out the range of Hand Picked Spirits Sample Bottles Here.

All Hand Picked Spirits bottles are re-bottled from the original rare of expensive bottle.  The mini 50mL bottles are labelled and hand dipped and sealed in wax. There are even tasting flights available such as whisky flight, bourbon flight, Australia Gin Flight, Australian Whisky Flight, Bourbon Flight and the list goes on.

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