Lagavulin Special Release 1991 Single Cask Charity Bottling

Lagavulin Charity Bottling

Celebrating their 200th Anniversary, Lagavulin is releasing a Charity Bottling of 1991 Single Cask with all proceeds to be distributed amongst Islay charities. This investment grade scotch is being released in very limited quantities, only 522 bottles, in the U.K. through The Whisky Exchange. In order to be considered for the special ballot, potential customers must express their interest by 12 February 2016. Due to the expected demand of this limited release, 522 lucky customers will be selected at random to purchase this investment grade, 24 year old Lagavulin Scotch. Weighing in at a whopping 52.7% ABV, this smoky Islay special will set you back £1,494 – how can you really put a price on an opportunity like this?

This 1991 Lagavulin Single Cask is described as being ‘gentle, well balanced and satisfying with a spicy, smoky ginger warmth.’ with the following tasting profile:

Lagavulin Charity Release Tasting Notes
Lagavulin Charity Release Tasting Notes

Colour: Complex. Dark chestnut with an olive hue; becoming a deep, crystal clear, amber with flashes of intense orange in direct sunlight.

Nose: Charred oak timbers, sawdust and voluptuous fruit backed by subtle milk chocolate and vanilla. Grainy new make, developing burnt caramel, subtle spent match and a slight sapid, earthy dampness. A trace of ripe red apple and plum and smoked fish dressed in appley olive oil.

Palate: Hot and sweet. Searing, woody dryness, then calmer with mentholic chocolate notes and comforting honey underscored by a subtle chilli-like heat. A faint sawdust note gives way to charred astringency, acquiring notes of gritty cocoa against an espresso background.

Finish: Quietly persistent with tart red-berry notes, cedar and a spicy, smoky ginger warmth. Leaves the palate minty, with a fruity coffee note and a sprinkling of salt.

Register your interest with The Whisky Exchange here.

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