NEW Macallan Edition 4 Limited Edition Scotch Whisky


Macallan Edition No 4
ABV: 48.4%
PRODUCTION TYPE: Single malt whisky
REGION: Speyside
FLAVOUR CAMP: Rich & Round
Reassuringly complex, with lots of oak and wood spice at the fore, surrounded by sweet acacia honey and toffee. This alluring, zesty, citrus baked sweetness, like a lemon drizzle cake or key lime pie, is captivating. I could sit and nose this for hours.
Cakey and nutty, muscovado sugar and black pepper. The wood’s effect is very much apparent – fresh oak shavings and a polished sideboard – but it’s not overdone. Sticky caramel and Jamaica ginger cake take centre stage as the wood spice builds. However, there’s enough citrus zestiness – lime peel and orange juice – to keep the spark going.
Is that a touch of smoke? Perhaps a heavy char. Either way, it lingers, with a chewy, sticky fruitiness, like reduced blood orange juice.
Edition No 4 is designed to showcase the ‘structure’ of Macallan. This is an absolute bargain. Just glorious.

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