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O’ndina Super Premium Gin

Campari has cemented its place in the booming gin market with the launch of super-premium O’ndina.

It follows the company’s acquisition of Bulldog Gin last year for $US58.4 million

Bob Kunze-Concewitz, Chief Executive Officer of Gruppo Campari, noted at the time: ‘We are very pleased to initiate the acquisition of Bulldog Gin which we have successfully been distributing since 2014. This deal is an opportunity to consolidate our presence as a key player in the attractive super premium gin category via a super-premium brand with significant growth potential.”

Gin is booming globally. Over the five years through 2016, annual growth in the number of premium bottles sold averaged 9.3%, according to data provider, the IWSR. For even pricier bottles, growth has been close to 30%.

O’ndina is crafted in Italy and inspired by the “glamour and carefree spirit” of the Italian Riviera in the 1960s.

It’s distilled in small batches and made with 19 Italian botanicals – including fresh basil from Liguria and citrus from southern Italy. The combination of botanicals is said to create a “refreshing, herbaceous” flavour.

“O’ndina is a welcome addition to the portfolio,” said Paolo Tonnellotto, Campari Group brand ambassador.

“Its high quality and distinctive flavour, with notes of fresh basil and Mediterranean herbs finished with citrus and pepper, enables it to hold its own in a variety of cocktails – as the refreshing taste profile creates a unique drinking experience with a signature gin and tonic or all-Italian Negroni – as well as appealing to the growing trend of enjoying super-premium spirits neat over ice.”

O’ndina will roll out in the UK in April and will be available globally later this year.

Source: Drinks Bulletin

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