Hibiki 17 Australia

Hibiki 17 Whisky massive overnight price increase!!

Japanese whisky giant Suntory, announced on 16th May 2018 the discontinuance of the Hibiki 17 year old and Hakushu 12 year old. This has in turn sparked a global hunt for this elusive bottle from drinkers, collectors and of course investors. Ultimately the retail price for this bottle has increased from around AUD$200 in 2018 (pre-Suntory announcement) to over AUD$1200 today. […]

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Yamazaki 50 Year-Old

Yamazaki 50 Year-Old Breaks Record At Auction!

Yamazaki Japanese whisky is once again hitting big numbers at the world’s auction houses, and the figure is even more mind-blowing than you can imagine! This time, the Yamazaki 50-Year-Old 1st Edition 2005 sold for £212,528, in other words roughly $350,000 AUD! Absolutely astonishing. Given that the last one sold for roughly $150,000 AUD, this is […]

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