Four Pillars Gin Summer

A Four Pillars Christmas!

Dear Gin-lover, 

Things you don’t need us to tell you: The Australian summer is HOT.

Things you might want us to remind you: All gin is best served COLD.

So you see what we have here? A classic dichotomy… but as ever here at Four Pillars Gin we have a simple and elegant solution.

Keep your gin COOL.

Gin of all types is best served at about the same temperature you might serve a decent white wine. Let’s call it 10 degrees celsius. Some like it much, much colder but few would counsel you to serve it much warmer. So cold gin in a cold glass or shaker with lots of cold ice is a ripper recipe for success (balancing maximum coldness with minimal dilution). Warm gin into a glass fresh out of the dishwasher, combined with ‘servo’ ice, is a recipe for a dilute (and flat) G&T that makes you few friends and earns you even fewer bartending credits.

Get your hands on the Summery Spiced Negroni Gin now (see image).

Four Pillars Negroni Spiced Gin
Four Pillars Negroni Spiced Gin

Oh, and while we’re talking about how to keep your gin, we also recommend you store your gin UPRIGHT

If you buy a bottle of our gin (especially those with a bit of residual sugar in them like the Australian Christmas Gin and Bloody Shiraz Gin), please, please treat them like, say, a new puppy (remember they’re not just for Christmas!).

You wouldn’t leave the puppy in the back of the boiling hot car for a few hours while you went Christmas shopping, so please don’t try it with the gin. It might try to escape its glass cage (the gin expands under heat) and spill all over your upholstery. Sure, your car might smell nice for the next few days but you’ve gone and lost yourself some pretty precious and well-and-truly-sold-out gin. And importantly no-one will believe you didn’t just swig a shot of it on your way to giving it to them as a present.

Do remember that if you do lose a bit of gin, it’s far from a lost cause – don’t throw it out. Put it in the fridge, cool it down and it will be fine. But we apologise for not warning you that this might happen a little sooner.

So stay cool and upright this summer. And keep your gins and drinks the same.

Have a ripper festive season.

Thanks to Four Pillars Gin for this community announcement!

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