Captain Morgan Rum Canon Blast Range

Captain Morgan Rum Cannon Blast Range Video

Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast spiced rum is an intensely delicious shot that is citrus sweet with a spark of heat. the sweet citrus delivers a pleasing and delicious front end, while providing a finish with a warming (but not overwhelming) sensation. not into shots? no problem. you won’t be disappointed in using cannon blast in one of your favourite cocktails. check out the recipe inspiration below for some of our favourites. gluten-free.

Captain Morgan Jack-O-Blast is a limited edition release. This delicious shot from the captain delivers seasonal flavours of pumpkin spice mixed with your favourite spiced rum. you’ll love it as a chilled shot, but jack-o’blast is also the perfect way to add some fall spice to your favourite cocktails. look for the unmissable pumpkin shaped bottle and make sure you don’t miss out. gluten-free.

Captain Morgan Loconut is an intensely delicious blend of Caribbean rum, coconut liqueur, spice and natural flavours. this just may be the most delicious shot to hit the beach (or bar). make sure to “”smell the coco for a scent of loco”” to enjoy our coconut-scented bottles. for the captain’s gluten-intolerant crew members, you will be happy to know that Loconut is gluten free.

Captain Morgan Watermelon Smash is a ‘limited edition” release! the latest rum bottle from the captain is bursting with juicy watermelon flavour. so flavourful, even our pack is scented! simply enjoy as a chilled shot for instantly delicious fun or create a refreshing spritzer by mixing with club soda and a lemon garnish. pick up some watermelon smash today to party like a captain all summer long. gluten-free.

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