The Best is Yet to Rum

The development of the rum category and its strong potential for future growth If COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have done anything for the drinks industry, it’s that we’ve seen a boom in sales of glass spirits thanks to a renewed interest of Australians in making cocktails at home. Gin is still the king of […]

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There’s something about Malibu Rum that just makes you feel like it’s summer. Actually, that something is the fact that it’s a Caribbean rum with natural coconut flavor that happens to taste amazing when mixed with fruity juices. Now you’ll really feel like you’re on vacation with the new Watermelon flavor. Malibu has a way of low-key dropping […]

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Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum

NEW Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum

CARGO CULT small batch rum will release a NEW Cargo Cult Banana Spiced Rum in Australia this month. It was CARGO CULT’s ambassador in London that first suggested the union, remarking on how the fruit pairs perfectly with CARGO CULT in cocktails. With the average Australian eating 19.1kg of bananas per year and Papua New Guinea […]

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Captain Morgan Rum Canon Blast Range

Captain Morgan Rum Cannon Blast Range Video

Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast spiced rum is an intensely delicious shot that is citrus sweet with a spark of heat. the sweet citrus delivers a pleasing and delicious front end, while providing a finish with a warming (but not overwhelming) sensation. not into shots? no problem. you won’t be disappointed in using cannon blast in […]

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Santa Teresa Rum Australia

Santa Teresa Rum Lands in Australia. Finally…

Bacardi-Martini Australia has revealed that it is launching family-owned Venezuelan rum, Santa Teresa, in Australia. Located in the Valley of Aragua, the hacienda Santa Teresa has a climate ranging from hot, humid days to cold, dry nights which help with the rum’s ageing process. Bacardi-Martini Regional Vice President, Denis Brown, was delighted to welcome the […]

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