Woodford Bourbon Releases new Wheat Bourbon

Woodford Reserve tells MyBottleShop.com that they are releasing a new permanent expression – Woodford Reserve Kentucky Straight Wheat Whiskey. The Woodford Reserve Wheat is released at 90.4 proof or 45.2% ABV. Available in US, Australia and global markets, Woodford Reserve Wheat is based on historical recipes but influenced the core Woodford Reserve Bourbon brand. With wheat […]

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Four Roses Small Roses Bourbon

Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon Review

2 Aussies from mybottleshop.com online liquor store review Four Roses Small Batch bourbon According to master distiller Brent Elliott, while exact details vary by batch, the average batch size is approximately 250 barrels. Barrels are typically 6 and 7 years old, with nothing younger than 6 years old and occasionally barrels as much as 8 […]

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Willett Bourbon Australia

Willett the Bourbon Unicorn

Unlike, say, Pappy Van Winkle or Buffalo Trace’s Antique Collection, Willett is not a name that bourbon drinkers even know they should know. Even if they did, Willett’s output is virtually impossible to understand for the uninitiated. The packaging looks largely the same across the entire product line; Cognac-style bottles with subdued white labels are […]

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Wild Turkey Masters Keep Revival Oloroso Sherry


Wild Turkey Master Distiller Eddie Russell recently introduced the third U.S. expression for Master’s Keep—Master’s Keep Revival.  As the newest expression in the super premium series, Master’s Keep Revival features Wild Turkey Bourbon aged 12-15 years and finished in 20-year-old Oloroso Sherry casks available in Australia through online drinks retailer www.mybottleshop.com. With a nod to […]

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Blackened Whiskey by Metallica

Metallica Makes Music and… Whiskey!

BLACKENED is a collaborative effort between Metallica and recently deceased Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. BLACKENED is a marriage of the finest bourbons, ryes & whiskeys, hand selected by Dave himself. Each of the whiskeys offer unique flavour that play a key role in the final spirit. Predominately bourbon, the sweetness of BLACKENED pairs perfectly with […]

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Heavens Door 10 Year Old Limited Edition

Bob Dylan’s Heaven’s Door Releases 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon

Heaven’s Door has announced the release of 10-Year Tennessee Straight Bourbon, the first limited edition offering from the celebrity brand. The 10-Year bourbon is distilled with a low rye mashbill, mellowed in Tennessee maple charcoal columns, and bottled at 100 proof. While the brand is known to push the envelope of barrel finishing (their Straight […]

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Heaven's Door Whiskey by Bob Dylan

NEW Heaven’s Door Whiskey by Bob Dylan

The acclaimed folk musician and Nobel Prize winner Bob Dylan is rolling out a brand new line of bourbon, whiskey, and rye called Heaven’s Door. The name is a tribute to his famous 1973 song “Knocking on Heaven’s Door”. The bottles feature ironwork designs Dylan crafted himself. While the whiskeys are currently sourced, there are […]

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