Esprit de Figues Fig Liqueur

MyBottleShop Top 4 Rare and Curious Liqueurs:

Over the past few centuries there have been some truly rare and delightful liqueurs released by monks, inventors, farmers, scientists, religious orders and even armies! Here at MyBottleShop we make it our mission to track down and acquire the most rare and curious spirits and liqueurs the world has to offer. Here are out top 5:

Esprit de Figues Liqueur (feature Image)

This liqueur is infused in Bordeaux from fresh, French figs at a family owned distillery that has over 150 years experience in producing spirits. This versatile liqueur is a fantastic addition to a glass

Mickey Finn Serpents Bite
Mickey Finn Serpents Bite

or champagne or the final ingredient to finish off your favourite cocktail. The producers are proud that the perfect mix of sweetness and fig flavours has been achieved – this isn’t your typical super sweet liqueur.

AGWA Coca Blue

The AGWA Coca Blue liqueur is made in Bolivia and limited to 1 batch per year. Bolivian coca leaves picked at 2000ft and macerated then chill distilled using traditional, hand crafted techniques in order to craft this powerful, unique spirit. The manufacturing process does not allow for any ‘active’ ingredients to remain in the liquor and hence there are no cocaine like affects.

Serpents Bite

This ‘superior strength 30%ABV’ apple flavoured liquor is the older brother to the 15% version that has become very popular in the United States. It has been triple distilled for maximum potential. It is then mixed with the natural pressings of fresh red and green apples. Mickey Finn Serpents Bite Apple Liqueur has an amazing label that feels like the scales of a snake. In it embossed with a Gaelic-style snake head eating an apple. It’s fascinating to touch and would be the life of the party!

Sexy Cat Marshmallow

Sexy Cat Marshmallow Liqueur is the world’s first and only marshmallow liqueur. Utilising Mt Uncle Anjea vodka as the base, the Quensland distillers have adopted luxurious confectionery techniques to create a scrumptious, sexy liqueur.

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