rekorderlig hard cider

Rekorderlig Launch Hard Apple and Pear Cider

Swedish cider company has launched Rekorderlig Hård Cider in Australia. Influenced by their European heritage, where ciders were traditionally produced with a higher alcohol level, Rekorderlig’s Hård Cider comes in at 6.5% ABV and there are two delicious flavours in the range available in 330ml cans at Australia’s #1 Online Drinks Shop, MyBottleShop. Hård Äpple […]

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Crazy Craft Beers

Four Crazy Craft Beers

While the definition of craft beer remains contentious, it’s undeniable that small breweries are more able to experiment with exciting flavours. While some of these attempts to push the envelope are immediately spat out, others can make even the most seasoned beer drinkers’ taste-buds sing. Here are a few crazy (good) craft beers from the best of […]

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