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MyBottleShop is the First Liquor Store in Australia to Offer Virtual Credit

8 June 2016 Press release for immediate distribution Australia’s Number 1 pure play online liquor retailer today announced the successful integration of ZipPay by ZipMoney.  zipMoney has been designed exclusively to enhance the online shopping and payment experience by providing a line of credit and removing the need for a credit card each time an online purchase is made.  When MyBottleShop customers apply for a digital line of credit, they get a decision in minutes.  No more plastic. No more banks.  No more thumbing 16 digits.  Online customers don’t need to wait weeks to be approved and don’t need to rummage around on public transport trying to find the credit card.   zipMoney offers virtual credit in the cloud!   Quick, easy and safe!

Once credit is approved customers move seamlessly through the MyBottleShop checkout experience and the item is delivered direct to the customer’s door within as little as 2 hours!

When asked why MyBottleShop needed to implement a finance solution for its customers, CEO Steven Rider said:  “Today’s drinking culture has evolved way beyond what it was years ago.   Now whiskies and wines can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars and customers are much more likely to spend more but want the option to pay that off over time.  I mean we have a good number of bottles on our site over $5000.  If you want to buy a 32 Year Old Laphroaig single malt whisky that has been rated as one of the best in the world, why not buy the full bottle now and pay it off as you you drink it?  It might take 6 months but over that 6 month period you have had one of the greatest drinking experiences money can buy.”

As the saying goes – Drink Better Not More!

Find out more about ZipMoney.

About MyBottleShop

MyBottleShop was formed in 2013 to fill a niche in the liquor industry for consumers to enjoy a top shelf bar experience in their own homes.  Much like Master Chef revolutionised home cooking, the small bar culture in Australia has ignited an interest in recreating  that bar experience at home.  For a 100 years bottle shops in Australia served up the same boring old brands to equally bored customers.  Like so many other industries, the liquor industry is being disrupted by the internet.   Suddenly in Australia MyBottleShop is a national liquor retailer without opening 1,000 brick and mortar stores.  Every computer screen and mobile device in the country becomes a MyBottleShop store.

Since 2013 MyBottleShop has grown rapidly,  signing up more than 80,000 members, ranging more than 3,000 product lines, processing 100+ orders per day, gaining more than 25,000 FaceBook followers and 1,000 Instagram followers . MyBottleShop provides many of the brands and products that are simply not available in the national supermarket owned bottle shops and pubs.



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