Woodford Reserve Batch Proof

NEW Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Bourbon Limited Edition

Woodford Reserve is normally known as a mainstream bourbon with a rather easy 90.4 drinking proof. The distillery’s master distiller, Chris Morris, believes drinkers out there are ready to experience it in a limited fashion at a higher proof, and thus Brown-Forman is set to debut a so-called “batch proof” variant as part of its Master’s Collection bottlings.

Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Limited Edition
Woodford Reserve Batch Proof Limited Edition

The new Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection Batch Proof, according to those behind it, is a new way to tell the story of the five flavor sources – water, grain, fermentation, distillation, and maturation – which are behind each expression of this bourbon. For Batch Proof, it is crafted using the same grain bill and process as the regular bourbon, but is then drawn from a select batch of barrels in a more raw, uncut form before being bottled at a much more hearty 125.8 proof.

“As master distiller, I have the privilege of tasting Woodford Reserve in its purest form – unfiltered and uncut, straight from the barrel,” said Morris in a prepared statement. “Most do not get to experience the intensity of the aromas and the smoothness of the whiskey at a higher proof point, with this innovative new release whiskey lovers will have the chance to taste Woodford Reserve the way the masters taste it.”

As this is a Master’s Collection release, it will be available in limited quantities for around $AUD250 a bottle. Official tasting notes for this orange amber coloured bourbon are below for your consideration.

  • NOSE: A complex medley of wood spice notes including smoked cedar, dark chocolate, pineal and vanilla are balanced with hints of orange zest, grilled pineapple and cherry fruit. Sweetened with a trace of marzipan, peppermint and malt.
  • TASTE: Dark chocolate drizzled over toasted almonds, hazelnuts and malty shortbread spiced with hints of leather, cedar and nutmeg.
  • FINISH: Rich aged leather spice and dark chocolate lead to a crisp dry finish

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