Sample Brew 3/4 IPA

Sample Brew: Embrace the fraction

Sample Brew beers are made to inspire. With their reductionist design and high quality ingredients, this craft beer brewery from Collingwood in Victoria is carving a niche in the saturated craft beer market. This additive free, preservative free, all natural brew is crafted in an ‘experimental’ fashion by the Sample Brew team and they have recently released their highly anticipated Sample Brew 3/4 IPA. Their latest expression is a testament to their creative approach to brewing. This IPA brings you, in their view, only the essentials of an IPA brew; bright citrus and vibrant pinewood hop flavours are delivered with an exceptionally light and complex malt profile. With a lower ABV in terms of IPA’s, of 4.2%, this is a sessionable brew that retains all the favourable characteristics of the classically hoppy IPA.

The Sample Brew Gold Ale is not your typical craft golden ale. Paying homage to the european Kolsch, the hope profile for the Gold Ale delivers a casual beer created to suit every occasion. An IBU on the lower end of the scale of 20 and 4.4% ABV means that ‘Gold is the only love’.

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