Young Henry Afends Henp Beer

Young Henry’s from Sydney is launching a hemp-infused beer

Some 10,000 years ago, hemp was one of the first plants to be spun into usable fibre. The plant, which is a variety of the Cannabis sativa species, is extensively used today for industrial purposes including clothes, pet food, paper, plastics and biofuel. Although both marijuana and industrial hemp derive from the Cannabis sativa species, […]

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Aussie Craft Beer Tinnies

Top 20 Beer Tinnies as Tasted by the Sydney Morning Herald

Recently the Sydney Morning Herald held a Marathon “Tinnie Tasting Test”.  The “Herald”  grabbed a whole stack of canned beer including both craft and factory made beers. It seemed like an ambitious task and in the end it was as the SMH’s crew couldn’t get through the mass of tinnies piled in front of them.  […]

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Stockade Brewery

Another amazing craft brewery opens in Marrickville!

Stockade Brew Co.’s new brewery, bar and tasting room in Marrickville, Sydney is the latest hot spot for award-winning, indie craft beers, hearty food and educational master classes and tours. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, here’s your first look inside. Behind the business is a young team of four that has been […]

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Stockade Brewery Marrickville

Stockade Brew Co to open brewery, bar and tasting room in Marrickville

Popular independent craft brewery, Stockade Brew Co has revealed plans to lay down its roots in Marrickville with the opening of a brewery, bar and tasting room in Sydney’s inner west. The Marrickville bar and communal dining area will be able to fit 250 guests and will also contain an intimate tasting room for 14 […]

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Jameson Caskmate Young Henry

Jameson’s Irish Whiskey announce Young Henry’s Collaboration

A new Jameson Caskmakes whiskey has been released that is the product of a collaboration between  Sydney’s Inner West Young Henrys Brewing Company and global brand Jameson Irish Whiskey. Young Henrys was at the forefront of the super small scale craft breweries to hit the Australian scene 10 years ago and was the one of […]

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Stockade Brew Co Salmon Recipe

Stockade Charcoal Grilled Salmon Recipe

Stockade Brew Co Beers just hit the shelf over at and we’re excited to be stocking this awesome local beer range. Their bi-monthly releases are also something to look out for in the coming weeks. Check out this recipe from the guys over at Stockade Brew Co – perfect food pairing for long weekend arvo beers […]

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Bottles vs Cans. Which is better?

For decades, there was a clear divide between canned and bottled beer. Canned beer was cheap, meant for mass production and consumption on camp-outs out of coolers. Bottled beer was considered classier and higher quality, something to savour while sitting on your favourite bar stool. But advances in technology and the rise of craft breweries have […]

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Our Five Best Boiler-Maker Combos

The traditional pick-me-up of the hard-worker, boiler-makers combine two of life’s greatest treasures: a tall beer and a shot of whiskey. These wild and wonderful combinations are infinite, but the following five are our favourites:   The Woodford Wives’ Club Here, the hoppy caramel taste of My Wife’s Bitter brilliantly complements the subdued corn sweetness of Woodford […]

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