Exploring Spain’s First Urban Distillery

SANTAMANÍA is Spain’s only urban distillery, and one of only a few Spanish distilleries focused exclusively on producing quality spirits. With an aim to use only the finest Spanish grapes, this small outfit has crafted some incredible artisan gin and vodka. Notably, none of their releases are in batches any greater than 800. The small outfit is run with only two copper stills, affectionately named Lola and Vera. The small batches these stills produce have been produced through a delicate, selective production method blending both the wine-making traditions of Spain with state-of-the-art scientific research and development.

While they have produced outstanding artisan vodka, SANTAMANÍA’S signature spirit is their lovingly crafted London Dry Gin. Made from magnificent Spanish grape neutral spirit, this SANTAMANÍA spirit starts with a unique character full of flavour. Following this, they macerate such Spanish botanicals as fresh lemon peel and liquorice root with such imported ingredients as the all-important juniper and cardamom. All in all, fourteen macerated botanicals are mixed into the blend before being distilled in Vera: their hand-crafted copper still. This creates a sweet, sharp London style gin with a distinctly delicious Spanish character. Savour SANTAMANÍA’S signature spirit for yourself by purchasing a bottle of Santamania Madrid Dry Gin.

Using similar ingredients as their signature spirit, SANTAMANÍA’S London Dry Reserva is  optimised for maturation in four-year-old French oak casks for three to six months. This optimisation involves the replacement of macerated lime and rosemary with Spanish orange peel, and an increase in juniper to mitigate the spirit softening in maturation. The end-result is an aged gin with a long, pleasant finish full of complex liquorice and pepper notes to pair with the first wave of gin flavour. As well as by flavour, the Reserva is distinguished by a lovely straw colour you can savour on your liquor shelf. If you seek the wisdom of age, acquire one of only 980 bottles of Santamania Madrid Dry Gin Reserva.

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