Hartshorn Sheep Whey Gin

A New Whey to Enjoy Gin

The beauty of gin is that it gives license to variety. Beyond juniper, just about any botanical can be macerated and made into this magnificent drink. With this in mind, Tasmania’s Hartshorn Distillery has decided to use (or, rather, ewe-se) distilled sheep’s whey as part of their incredible, experimental new Hartshorn Sheep’s Whey Gin. How […]

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2017’s Most Awarded Whisky is Indian

While they come from a place relatively unknown in the world of whisky, Paul John have produced an array  of award-winning whiskeys in the warm climes of Goa, India. Given the temperature of the sub-continent, as well as its access to premium water and Himalayan grain, it’s not surprising that they could craft such incredible […]

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