Tasmania’s Southern Wild Distillery Release DASHER + FISHER Gin

Another Tasmanian Distillery you say? Yes it’s true, the apple isle has a new spirits producer – Southern Wild Distillery.  Southern Wild have released a new line of gins, aptly named DASHER + FISHER. The line is named after the two wild rivers, Dasher and Fisher, which run from the snow melt Cradle Mountain through the hinterland, to the pristine coastline of Tasmania’s northwest.

The DASHER +FISHER range consists of three gins that have been made using ingredients and inspiration from the picturesque Tasmanian landscape, and are fittingly called Mountain, Meadow, and Ocean. Crafted by local distiller George Burgess in the northwest town of Devonport, all three gins use a ‘Tassie trio’ of botanicals in their makeup –Mountain uses native pepper berry, Meadow uses lavender, and Ocean features wakame. All botanicals are sourced locally from passionate growers.

3 Bottles of Dasher Fisher Gin
3 Bottles of Dasher Fisher Gin

DASHER + FISHER gins are made using a unique copper still that Burgess designed and handmade in Tasmania by Stillsmiths. The design uses a vapour process to produce the smoothest possible spirit, holding the botanicals in three separate zones, making the process longer and gentler to showcase the flavours of the chosen botanicals. These gins are, of course, are distilled using pure Tasmanian water the island is renowned for.

Burgess said, “We set out to create a new kind of gin and we think we have done it. The three DASHER + FISHER gins are first and foremost ‘eating gins’, best tasted with food and created with food in mind”.

DASHER + FISHER opened the distillery doors on January 28 2017, complete with a tasting room and bar serving cocktails using each of the three gins.

The gins are available from Southern Wild Distillery and online via Australia’s # Online Drinks Retailer MyBottleShop and have an RRP of AUD $90.

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