New Canberra Distillery Products

The Nation’s Capital Produces Another Beauty!

Since 2015, The Canberra Distillery has produced truly capital spirits. The outfit began with Tim Reardon leaving politics and Parliament to pursue a passion for spirits in his own shed. Now, his dream-come-true distillery stands to dominate our drinking culture Down Under. With an increasing presence in Australia’s most prestigious establishments, as well as upcoming releases of schnapps, liquors and other unique new products, it’s time we took a proper look at what’s been put out by The Canberra Distillery.


It took Tim 47 batches before he felt he’d made a gin worth distilling, and he’s never stopped experimenting since. Triple-distilled and vapour-infused, it is a classic London style gin and a complex balance of luscious botanicals. The infusion of hand-peeled citrus and berries gives a strong perfume and a beautiful, fiery mouth-feel. As vapour infusion involves the spirit blending with baskets of botanicals in a complex chemical reaction, each batch comes with its own unique character. While best suited for tonic, The Canberra Distillery’s flagship can still be fully enjoyed on its own or with ice. Buy yourself a bottle of the next beautiful batch of Canberra Distillery Gin.


Carbon-filtered and created only from the heart of their stills’ spirits, The Canberra Distillery’s vodka is a valuable asset to our craft spirits scene. While many Australian craft vodkas rely on rarely seen ingredients and recipes, Canberra Distillery vodka is a simple, smooth spirit with a clean neutral taste. Triple distilled and cut with distilled water, you’ve got to try Canberra Distillery Vodka today.

Gin Liqueur

While we don’t yet stock it, we were just too excited by The Canberra Distillery’s Gin Liqueur to leave it out. Produced with Canberra’s own BurraBee basil, it is a lightly spiced and sweet liqueur. Best enjoyed straight and served in a warm glass, you’d do well to buy a bottle of Canberra Distillery Gin Liqueur.

Canberra Fog

Made from distilled Murummbateman Shiraz and based off old migrant recipes, The Canberra Distillery’s ‘Canberra Fog’ is an aromatic aperitif to enjoy ahead of any meal. As with other aperitifs we’ve explored (link here), this has a strong liquorice flavour followed by subtle spice and a sweet burnt toffee finish. Explore the ACT’s most astounding aperitif by bagging a bottle of Canberra Distillery’s Canberra Fog.

Blood Orange and Gin

The Canberra Distillery’s most unique spirit, stocked exclusively by us! Canberra Distillery Blood Orange and Gin combines fruit and spice to create a sweet, fiery spirit full of flavour and free from everything artificial. You can enjoy it straight, cut with mineral water or mixed into a cocktail, and enjoy in each all the complex flavours of blood orange and bold sweetness. Collect your exclusive bottle of Canberra Distillery Blood Orange and Gin before they’re all gone.

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