Tequila and Food Pairings

Three Premium Tequilas And What To Pair Them With:

Tequila isn’t just that swill to regret on a Monday morning. The rise of tequila bars, artisan brands and pairing lists are cementing the drink as a serious spirit. Sadly, the most common experience with tequila is as a glass of cheap yellow pain masked by lime and salt. Such tequilas use only 51% of the distilled agave that gives the drink a distinct character, then drown this out with dyes and other dilution. Quality tequilas have 100% pure blue agave in every bottle, and differ only in the aging process. Depending on the time take to age the tequila, each bottle can be placed in one of three main categories:


Strong and sweet, this is tequila in its youngest and most pure form. Clear like a quality Gin, any tequilier will tell you its aromas are enhanced with acidic food. For your next Mexican meal, pair a spicy entree with a shot of Clooney’s own Casamigos Tequila Blanco. Endorsed by the world’s most well-known agave aficionado, the spirits sweet citrus notes will make any salsa sing.


Spanish for ‘rested’, tequilas in this category mature in old wine, cognac and bourbon barrels for between 2 and 11 months. Striking a balance between the sweetness of agave and the character of its cask, Reposado has a similarly to whiskey which makes it pair well with with spiced pork or dark chocolate. As an entry to the world of well made tequila, we recommend the award winning Corazon Reposado for its softness and similarity to single-malt scotch.


Aged in white oak for over a year, some tequila experts have compared the strength and complexity of one year old Anejo with fifteen year old Scotch! Anejo’s sweet burnt sugar flavour is an ideal pair for red meat and rich desserts, so serve a glass of Gran Centenario Anejo with steak tacos or in a tequila-misu.

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