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Unlimited Bourbon Resources Now Accessible to All

The American Bourbon Association recently launched its website, as a new one-of-a-kind resource dedicated to the development of American Bourbon whiskey knowledge around the world. This resource has lots of features perfect for educating customers and staying up-to-date with the ever-changing bourbon world.

The website gives the history of bourbon, written by esteemed bourbon historian Mike Veach, as well as what is bourbon, how it’s made, myths, links to bourbon distilleries and brands, bourbon news, and lists of bourbon bars and great bourbon retail stores. Links to bourbon-related blogs, bourbon societies, brand and distillery websites, publications, trade associations and much more are also included.

The Scotch whisky industry has done a very good job of developing Scotch whisky all over the world with the help of the Scotch Whisky Association.  As a result, the Sazerac Company founded the American Bourbon Association in 2012 to educate people world-wide about bourbon whiskey.

The American Bourbon Association website was launched in 2015 with a mission to become the best source of bourbon news and information online. Everyone is invited to learn about distilleries and bourbon brands, not just made in Kentucky, but from all over the United States. 

The website is being maintained and updated by the Sazerac Company. Any liquor stores, bars, brands or bourbon distilleries that would like to be added can apply on the website.

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