VERDE MOMENTO – Artisanal Mezcal

Mezcal Verde Momento Organic

Despite its ultra-modern looks, this eye-catching mezcal is produced with the utmost artisanal care and traditional methods.

Verde Momento is made with 8 year old agave Espadin by mezcalero Doroteo Garcia in Tlacolula, Oaxaca. The agaves are cooked in an underground oven using ocote, holm oak, and pepper tree which give the mezcal a smokiness desirable for cocktails. After cooking for about 5 days, the agaves are tahona-crushed before being put into 1,500-litre fermentation vats. Natural fermentation can last from 7 to 30 days depending on the production season, the amount of rain, and variations in temperature. Finally, it is doubled distilled in a 500-litre copper still.

Verde Momento is packaged in many different labels. Every batch of Mezcal Verde features a unique label designed by a contemporary Mexican artist. It is another collaboration aimed at supporting the local culture of the mezcal-producing regions – be it farmers, distillers or artists. And it captures the essence of any good drink – enjoy the moment and have fun together.

At Mezcal Amarás we have one simple philosophy: to strive always toward a balanced relationship with our ecosystem. This is why we exist. It is why we produce our mezcal following a holistic cycle “From seed to sip”. The Amarás philosophy stems from a love for our roots, from caring consciously for the earth, for our environment, and for the people who make each drop of mezcal possible.

We believe firmly in a better world, and we pursue this vision by empowering our teams and embracing local communities, by supporting local agave farmers (agaveros) and Master Distillers (Maestros Mezcaleros), because we understand that these are the guardians of our roots, our traditions, and our mezcals. To preserve the past, we look to the future, advancing a sustainable business model today, with our eyes on tomorrow.

True to our philosophy, we allocate as much as 20% of each bottle’s net sale to the development of internal initiatives promoting social and environmental responsibility. These initiatives range from purchasing artisanal mezcal at a fair price, to providing state-of-the-art training for local distillers, from rescuing and protecting wild agave species, to sowing new seed using only organic practices.

Our vision focuses on evolving, growing, adapting through the promotion of an artisanal mezcal supply chain, as well as on supporting an environmental model aimed at minimal impact and committed to continual innovation.

Some of our current initiatives ORGANIC REPLANTING PROGRAM

  • We sow organic as our standard practice.
  • We plant, on average, seven agaves for every one agave harvested since 2014.
  • We compost, giving back to the earth what it has given us.


  • We harvest wild agaves only when there is a strict replanting plan in place to preserve the species.
  • We grow 12 species of agave in our nurseries and plantations, as well as in collaboration with our agave partners.


  • We produce and buy artisanal & ancestral mezcal.
  • We collaborate with 20 Maestros Mezcaleros currently to help preserve the craftsmanship and traditions of mezcal, creating jobs and stimulating economic growth across multiple regions.
  • We create jobs, impacting more than 500 people in areas with high marginalization rates.
  • We train, offering state-of-the-art training programs for local distillers and Maestros Mezcaleros.


  • We are committed to paying a fair price, on time, for each liter of mezcal we buy.
  • We have improved the standard of living of 20 Maestros Mezcaleros and their families, raising them above the poverty line, through actions endorsed by internationally recognized NGOs.


  • We are the world’s first carbon neutral mezcal company. We offset our carbon emissions by purchasing bonds that finance projects that generate sustainable energy.
  • We know our carbon footprint and we work actively to mitigate it.


  • In partnership with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), we develop diverse advocacy initiatives in support of forests, soil conservation, and water care.


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