World’s best Tequilas revealed

The best tequilas in the world have been revealed at the 2019 World Tequila Awards, with six categories covered, comprising Añejo, Blanco, Extra Añejo, Flavoured, Joven Abocado and Reposado.

The awards are part of the World Drinks Awards, which aims to select “the very best in all internationally recognised styles of drinks”.

This year’s World Tequila Award winners are:

Best Añejo – Tequila Herradura Anejo

Best Blanco – Tequila Corazon Blanco

  • Gold Tequila Herradura Plata
  • Silver Volcan De Mi Tierra Blanco
  • Silver Diego & Maria Silver
  • Bronze Playa Real Silver

Best Extra Añejo – Tequila Herradura Seleccion Suprema Extra Anejo

  • Gold Tequila Corazon Extra Anejo
  • Silver Cierto Tequila Extra Anejo

Best Flavoured – Playa Real Flavored – Pineapple

  • Gold Playa Real Flavored – Mandarin
  • Best Joven Abocado – Diego & Maria Gold

Best Reposado – Tequila Herradura Reposado

Corazón Tequila Blanco received unanimous gold medals from all judges, before being crowned World Best Blanco. Judges that are involved with the competition range from international journalists to industry experts.

“We’re incredibly honoured to receive these awards especially ‘World’s Best Blanco,’ ” Marketing Director Megan Hurtuk said. “Our partners at Casa San Matias are true artisans. These awards are a testament to their craftmanship, and honour all of the hard working women and men of the distillery.”

Andrew Milne from SouthTrade International, Australian distributors of Corazón Tequila, added: “We’re thrilled to be able to offer Australians a great tequila to sip and enjoy with friends on its own or in a cocktail.”

The World Tequila Awards receive global entries from many different brands every year. Only the best tequilas are selected, rewarded, and promoted as the world’s best tequilas.

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