Bondi Espresso Martinis: Bondi’s Best Baristas in a Bottle

Undoubtedly, Sydney’s best coffee scene is Bondi. There, sun-bleached baristas brew every day for both their livelihood and passion: the fierce competition to craft the perfect cappuccino or the ideal espresso. When the sun sets on this stylish seaside suburb, residents roll up their yoga mats and make their way to the bars. There, they continue to hunt for Nirvana in the bottom of Bondi’s creative and well-crafted cocktails. This dual obsession with coffee and cocktails is what made the espresso martini the unofficial drink of Bondi (though residents will tell you it’s actually the kale smoothie). For Sunshine coast entrepreneurs Shane Nettleton, Dave Nelson and Marko Pavasovic, this made it the perfect place from which to draw inspiration for their brand of premium pre-packaged espresso martinis.

Sold in stylish packs of four, each espresso martini comes in a cute little mason jar (making it extremely on trend for Bondi’s boutique taste). As to what’s in each jar, every drop is the product of 12 months spent trialling and perfecting the recipe. The result is a read-to-drink cocktail made using the finest Ethiopian beans and the smoothest vodka (with just a hint of chocolate). Despite that chocolate, the sweetest thing about this is really the fact that it’s ready-to-drink . If you can’t decide between heading out for a cock-tail or hanging out on the couch after a long week, this is a life-saver in a long jar.

If you’d like to have a jar or two just in case you have to impress a date,  head on over to our store page and grab a four pack of Bondi Espresso Martini.


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