Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney Launches in Australia

Casamigos Tequila by George Clooney Launches in Australia

In the coming weeks Casamigos Tequila will make its way into Australian homes.  Casamigos is the brain child of actor George Clooney and business and friend Randy Gerber (also known as Mr Cindy Crawford).  Though George Clooney is well known for his acting chops, it may surprise many people that Clooney is involved in a massive sideline business: tequila.

Clooney and Gerber are regular Mexican tourists since they both own houses side by side in Mexico.  And in Mexico, guess what you drink lots of?  Yep you guessed it: Tequila!! George and Randy don’t do anything by half measures, so when they drink tequila they want to drink the best.  Since they couldn’t exactly find the tequila that suited the taste profile they linked – they made their own brand.  Casamigos – or ‘House of Friends’.

Both Gerber and his wife, Cindy Crawford, prefer to drink it straight. “Cindy loves the Reposado, just on the rocks,” Gerber said, “She was never a girl to drink any liquor just straight, but tequila keeps you up, and keeps you going all night, and you can wake up in the morning and work. There’s no hangover. That’s her favourite part of it.”

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