Blackened Whiskey by Metallica

Metallica Makes Music and… Whiskey!

BLACKENED is a collaborative effort between Metallica and recently deceased Master Distiller Dave Pickerell. BLACKENED is a marriage of the finest bourbons, ryes & whiskeys, hand selected by Dave himself. Each of the whiskeys offer unique flavour that play a key role in the final spirit. Predominately bourbon, the sweetness of BLACKENED pairs perfectly with […]

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Proper No.Twelve Irish Whiskey by Conor McGregor

Proper No. 12 Irish Whiskey by Conor McGregor Finally Lands in Australia

McGregor, returning to the UFC octagon for the first time in two years in 2018, just before announcing to millions of UFC fans that he would release his own brand if Irish whiskey, In doing so he joined the ranks of other celebrity spirits such as Marilyn Manson’s Mansinthe, George Clooney’s $1 billion Casamigos Tequila, Danny […]

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Dwayne The Rock Johnson Mana Tequila

The Rock to launch his own Tequila brand

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson has plans to launch his very own tequila brand. Known for his macho, action packed hit movie roles and his jam packed fitness motivational instagram page, his love for tequila is something he expresses regularly. Seen embracing a bottle of Don Julio on Instagram; theres no doubt The Rock sips on a Tequila […]

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Wild Turkey Longbranch 750mL Launched

Matthew McConaughey has announced a new Bourbon, called Wild Turkey Longbranch

Wild Turkey has announced a new Bourbon, called Wild Turkey Longbranch, is made with a proprietary process that combines two separate charcoal filtration methods. The first filtration process uses charcoal made from American white oak and the second uses charcoal made from Texas mesquite wood, which gives the Bourbon notes of smoky sweetness. Made with eight-year-old Wild Turkey Bourbon, Wild […]

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Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds Buys Aviation Gin

Owned by craft spirits importer and marketer Davos Brands, Aviation is a small, growing player in an otherwise static gin market. The Portland, Oregon-produced alcohol shifted an estimated 15,000 cases in 2016, according to Beverage Marketing Corporation’s DrinkTell database. That is thought to have increased 20% to some 18,000 small batch cases last year. Compared to gin giants such […]

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Dusse Cognac Australia

D’USSÉ Jay Z’s new cognac lands in Australia

D’USSÉ, a new cognac to Australia, launched at Sydney’s Flamingo Lounge in Kings Cross on last Friday evening. Introduced into the USA market in 2012, D’USSÉ was quickly adopted by industry influencers and celebrities – especially in hip hop culture, featuring in music videos from Jay Z (who part owns the brand), Beyonce and Rihanna […]

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Six Surprising Celebrity-Endorsed Drinks

From celebrities to bands, it seems like everybody has dipped their toes into the world of spirits at some point. Here are six of our most surprising celebrity-endorsed spirits:   Casamigos Tequila – George Clooney More than just an endorsement, George Clooney grew this brand from the ground up with his drinking buddy and business […]

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