2018 Spirits Awards Tasting Australia

The Grove Award Winners from The Tasting Australia Spirits Awards

The Grove Distillery over in Western Australia, known to be one of the most innovative distilleries in Australia has cleaned up (yet again) at a spirit award show, this time, the Tasting Australia Spirit Awards! Winning a total of 3 medals, these guys take the craft of spirit making to the next level. Here at MyBottleShop.com.au we stock the whole Grove Distillery range and here is your chance to get your hands on some of the award winners:

The Grove Dark Rum – Gold Medal Winner

The Grove Dark Rum - Gold Medal Winner
The Grove Dark Rum – Gold Medal Winner

The Grove Dark Rum is a Caribbean Style rum that has been aged for a minimum of 2 years in oak in balmy Western Australia. Tasting Notes: Complex, exotic, dark dried fruit notes are evident, underpinned by a sweet and wholesome, thick molasses mouthfeel. 40% ABV.

The Grove Chilli Vodka – Silver Medal Winner

The Grove Chilli Vodka is crafted from a Western Australian Wheat base and home grown Birdseye Chilli’s, each bottle even has one floating around in it! The chilli does not overpower the triple distilled vodka, yet still gives a nice red chilli kick to your next cocktail on a sunny weekend afternoon. 40% ABV.

The Grove Traditional Kentucky Style Honey Bourbon – Bronze Medal Winner

One of our favourite products to come out of The Grove Distillery, the Traditional Kentucky Style Honey Bourbon brings the delicate ‘creamyness’ of Western Australian Redgum Honey together with the oak and Wisconsin sourced rye from the Kentucky Style Bourbon. Drink neat or with a cube of ice. 40$ ABV.

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