Bondi Espresso Martinis: Bondi’s Best Baristas in a Bottle

Undoubtedly, Sydney’s best coffee scene is Bondi. There, sun-bleached baristas brew every day for both their livelihood and passion: the fierce competition to craft the perfect cappuccino or the ideal espresso. When the sun sets on this stylish seaside suburb, residents roll up their yoga mats and make their way to the bars. There, they continue […]

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Hartshorn Sheep Whey Gin

A New Whey to Enjoy Gin

The beauty of gin is that it gives license to variety. Beyond juniper, just about any botanical can be macerated and made into this magnificent drink. With this in mind, Tasmania’s Hartshorn Distillery has decided to use (or, rather, ewe-se) distilled sheep’s whey as part of their incredible, experimental new Hartshorn Sheep’s Whey Gin. How […]

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Australia and Spain collaborate on Cousin Vera Gin

Cousin Vera’s Gin is an exciting international collaboration between two premier craft gin distilleries: Spain’s Santamanía and Australia’s Four Pillars. What began as a few thoughts on Twitter turned into a series of multilingual emails, then a meeting in Madrid between two master gin crafters. From their distillery in the Yarra, Four Pillars brought a selection of Australia’s uniquely aromatic […]

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Balvenie Single Malt Cheese

Pairing Whiskey and Cheese

While wine is the first pick for pairing with cheese, whiskey can complement the complex flavours of everything from gruyere to gorgonzola. Here are a few simple tips for pairing cheese with whiskey. Save the strongest for last While whiskey which tastes like a campfire can be quite enjoyable, peated high-proof whiskey can overwhelm any flavours […]

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