Coopers releases new limited edition Hazy IPA

Australia’s largest independent brewery, Coopers, launched a new Hazy IPA as a limited edition seasonal release today, August 17.

Coopers Hazy IPA displays an intense, fruit-forward aroma, soft carbonation, creamy mouthfeel and opaque appearance. Coopers Managing Director and Chief Brewer Dr Tim Cooper says Hazy IPA is a hoppy, sessionable beer with tangerine, orange and citrus flavours and aromas from the fruity Ahtanum and Strata hops.

“It’s a softer, easy-drinking beer that fits comfortably within the New England IPA style as opposed to more aggressive West Coast IPAs,” he says.

Coopers cloudy beers are a result of yeast particles left in suspension following a unique secondary fermentation process used to create natural carbonation.

Hazy beers get their appearance mainly from malt, with a small percentage of high-protein malted grains used in the brewing process.

In the case of Coopers Hazy IPA, barley and wheat malts contribute to the hazy appearance, along with the yeast.

Coopers Hazy IPA has a 6.2% ABV and a 27 IBU. It will be available for purchase in kegs and four-pack cans retailing at around $22 across Australia in all good bottle shops.

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