Limeburners Whisky Australia

Limeburner’s Australian Whisky

Great Southern Distilling Company was established by lawyer turned distiller, Cameron Syme in 2004.  Cameron turned his passion for whisky into a commercial reality after 16 years of research. In 2013 the company’s flagship brand Limeburners Whisky was recognised as a ‘front runner of world whisky’ by leading UK journalist Dominic Roskrow.

In 2015, Limeburners won the Champion Whisky Trophy at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards. It was rated as ‘liquid gold’ by critic Jim Murray in his annual compendium The Whisky Bible. Based in Albany and handcrafted using locally farmed produce, the company opened a second distillery in Margaret River in 2016. Its motto ‘in pursuit of excellence’ has driven a reputation as a world class producer of single malt whisky. Now recognised as a brand of choice internationally, Limeburners is taking country WA to the world.

Limeburners Heavy Peat Award Winner
Limeburners Heavy Peat Award Winner

The Limeburner’s distillery has been Australian Distiller of the Year at the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA), taking home three trophies including the title of Champion Whisky for the second consecutive year.  It was the Limeburner’s Heavy Peat Single Malt Whisky that won the award in 2016.

In August 2016 Limeburners released “Darkest Winter” Single Malt Whisky. “Darkest Winter” uses peat collected by hand from the deepest darkest parts of the Valley of the Giants (in WA). The barley was smoked for an extended period, resulting in a heavier, more intense style of whisky ideally suited for darkest winter. This whisky was matured in an ex-bourbon American Oak cask. This whisky exhibits spice and floral aromas when neat and a splash of water unleashes malted barley and intense complex smokey aromas.

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