Amalfi Coast is where Malfy Gin comes from

Malfy Gin from Italy’s Amalfi Coast Launches in Australia

Malfy Gin is the “first luxury Italian gin” to hit the Australian market.  Malfy Gin also carries the highly prized  GQDI (Gin di Qualità Distillato) designation. The Vergnano family distils Malfy Gin in a family-run distillery in Moncalieri, Italy, and although the spirit is infused with Italian juniper and five other botanicals, it is the infusion of the famous Italian lemons that give Malfy Gin it’s fresh and zesty aroma, rather than a traditional juniper-heavy scent.

Malfy Gin Australia
Malfy Gin Australia

Owners of the brand, Biggar & Leith have a small portfolio of fine spirits from established, family-owned distilleries who are dedicated to innovation and quality. According to Elwyn Gladstone, founder of Biggar & Leith, his company searches the globe for brands whose products transmit the personality and stories of the people who make them.

“The infusion of the local botanicals and Italian lemons, which themselves have a rich history in Italian culture, give Malfy a distinctive twist,” he says. “It wasn’t until we tasted the Vergnano family’s Malfy GQDI that we knew we had found a gin that represented the literal distillation of Italian quality, culture and craftsmanship.”

Malfy Gin is versatile and has potential to appeal to gin drinkers as well as those who are not regular consumers in the category.  Grab a bottle of Malfy Gin here.

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