Our 5 Most Beautiful New Release Bottles

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but the following five bottles hold their own beauty. As well as holding well-crafted spirits, these beautiful bottles make any liquor shelf look superb.


Wyborowa Exquisite Polish Vodka

Brewed from a single Polish estate, this premium bottle was designed by legendary architect Frank Gehry. Featuring the famed architects iconic curves and odd angles, this eye-catching bottle is an interesting conversation piece (and a suitable recepticle for this superb vodka). Add a little iconic architecture to your liquor cabinet by buying a bottle of Wyborowa Exquisite Polish Vodka.


Blanton’s Single Barrel Gold Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Crafted with decades of experience, there is as much care in the design of each bottle of Blanton’s Gold as there is in the distillation of the bourbon inside. The body’s unique gem design is unlike any other bottle of bourbon, and is capped by Blanton’s iconic horse-and-jockey stopper. In fact, each bottle comes with one of eight unique stoppers, each featuring one letter from the brand and one scene from a triumphant horse race. Complete your collection by acquiring a bottle of Blanton’s Single Barrel Gold Edition Kentucky Straight Bourbon.


Generous Gin

Inspired by traditional botanist bottles, Generous Gin’s artwork evokes the traditional ingredients and recipe used in its distillation. Screen-printed on flawless white glass, the bottle feels like an artefact of an age which appreciated the beauty of nature. If you appreciate arcane gin and artisan craftsmanship, acquire a beautiful bottle of Generous Gin.


Old Grand-Dad’s Bicentennial Decanter

Reproduced from a pre-revolution Pennsylvanian decanter, this Bicentennial Celebration Decanter was a tribute to America’s 200th birthday way back in 1976. So faithful is this reproduction from the early days of the Republic, Old Grand-Dad’s finest craftsmen handcut the 32 facets in its eagle and stars. A beautiful bottle which truly puts the ‘art’ in artefact, add Old Grand-Dad’s Bicentennial Decanter  to your collection today.


The Tiffany Bicentennial Decanter

Another bicentennial decanter, and the most beautiful bottle we sell at MyBottleShop, Tiffany & Co.’s crystal decanter is a stunning celebration of American craftsmanship. Originally blended by Seagram’s from a select quantity of their most special whiskies, they commissioned the only craftsmen who could create a bottle befitting the beauty of their blend: Tiffany & Co. Intricately carved in the appearance of an eighteenth century decanter, this incredible crystal-work comes with the original American tax seal and Tiffany’s iconic blue box. If you are a discerning collector, consider adding the exceptionally rare Tiffany Bicentennial Decanter to your collection.

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