Starward Old Fashion

Starward announce new bottled Old Fashioned Whisky

Pioneering Australian Whisky makers, Starward are thrilled to announce a new addition to the STARWARD family; a little something they have been working away on in Melbourne for a long time. The STARWARD (New) Old Fashioned is a love letter to the most iconic cocktail in the world, the Old Fashioned. This drink that has held its place as a symbol of perfection through simplicity and balance for more than 155 years. Starward believe whisky nerds (including our team) adore the Old Fashioned, which is why they’ve decided to make it more accessible and easy to drink at home, with a new world twist.

Their take on the classic cocktail has been crafted by a team of bartenders and craft distillers to showcase the uniquely Australian whisky in an exciting new way, balancing gentle sweetness and aromatic spice. Starward are excited to share the subtle red wine flavours that come through the Starward single malt whisky from the local wine barrels they age in in a new way. Made in house, they’ve added a locally sourced twist to the bitter by crafting their own house made orange bitters alongside a house-made fortified wattle seed demerara syrup. Designed to pair with food, this creates a welcoming and full-bodied experience that really makes whisky shine.

Starward believe whisky can belong at the dinner table or at any occasion really, just like wine or beer. MyBottleShop also understands and believes that sometimes you want something a little more refreshing and something that might be a little more easily shared with friends and family. That’s exactly why Starward created the bottled Old Fashioned, ready to pour over ice. Making it as easy as possible to liven up any occasion with bartender quality cocktails.

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