Prohibition and Pre-Pro Bourbon

Prohibition Destroys the USA Bourbon Industry

Prohibition had a devastating effect on the Whiskey industry in Kentucky. Distilling properties were significantly devalued before the legislation was enacted, because of the growing strength of the Prohibition movement. Prior to 1920, there were over 180 distilleries in operation in Kentucky. The major Kentucky counties with operating distilleries pre-1920 included Nelson with 23, Jefferson […]

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Sunny Brook Bourbon Australia

The Amazing History of Sunny Brook Bourbon

The Rosenfields Were “The Sunny Brook Boys” The Rosenfield Brothers were the sons of an immigrant jeweler who moved his family from state to state, city to city, until they found a home in Chicago and eventually gained recognition as among America’s foremost distillers.  Because of their flagship whiskey, Morris Rosenfield and brothers Lewis and […]

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