The First Chicago Distillery Since Prohibition

In less than ten years, a distillery established by two ex-academics has come to dominate the domain of spirits. More impressive, theirs was the firs legal distillery to be opened in Chicago since Prohibition. So what is the secret of success at the heart of Koval Distillery?

At the heart of their success is the heart of their distillate, which forms every drop of each carefully crafted bottle. Cutting the strong head and weak tail of their spirit creates a beautiful, full-bodied balance of flavour. To cut the whiskey where it begins and ends requires intimate control of taste and time, something founders Robert and Sonat Birbecker practice at each part of the process. The husband and wife duo, both of whom hold Doctorates, decided to distil their drinks “Grain to bottle”. Milling the locally grown grain, the couple then distils it onsite in their custom-engineered copper Kothe stills. The water with which they make their whiskey is sourced from Lake Michigan, and filtered through charcoal for a pure, perfect taste. The couple source their signature American Oak barrels from a small mill in Minnesota. Each cask is used only once, extracting the full range of flavour from the oak and ensuring a smooth taste. Once distilled, it is the design on each of Koval’s bottles which will captivate discerning drinkers. Crafted by Robert Birbecker’s sister, an esteemed figure in branding, the stylish patterns and sleek typography emblazoned on their bottles won both Bronze and Gold at the 2013 Sip Awards.

For a smart, stylish and superbly crafted spirit, sample our selection of Koval Whiskey:


Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey

While still retaining the traditional bourbon mash-bill of 51% corn, Koval also includes the gluten-free grain Millet in their spirit. This complements the corn, creating a soft, sweet bourbon with notes of mango, vanilla and caramel. For a quality spirit, buy a bottle of Koval Single Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.

Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

Full of notes of maple and spice, this single barrel spirit is 100 percent pure rye. It also won the award for Germany’s best international whiskey in 2013, so try a bottle of Koval Single Barrel Rye Whiskey.

Single Barrel Millet Whiskey

Again made with the amazing ancient grain of millet, this magnificent single barrel whiskey has a welcoming taste and a smooth finish. Find out the taste for yourself by adding a bottle of Koval Single Barrel Millet Whiskey to your collection.

Single Barrel Four Grain Whiskey

Crafted from oat, malted barley, rye and wheat, this four grain whiskey packs a wide variety of flavour. With interesting floral notes and a creamy banana palate, consider purchasing a bottle of Koval Single Barrel Four Grain Whiskey.

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