Our Five Best Boiler-Maker Combos

The traditional pick-me-up of the hard-worker, boiler-makers combine two of life’s greatest treasures: a tall beer and a shot of whiskey. These wild and wonderful combinations are infinite, but the following five are our favourites:


The Woodford Wives’ Club

Here, the hoppy caramel taste of My Wife’s Bitter brilliantly complements the subdued corn sweetness of Woodford Reserve. The Bitter’s fizz helps blend the flavours, creating a big, flavourful boilermaker you’d be foolish not to make.


The Candifornicator

In this boiler-maker, a shot of the candy-like, wine-cask-finished Glenmorangie Milsean goes well with the malty citrus of Big Shed’s Californicator West Coast IPA. The result is a boilermaker bursting with fresh fruity flavour you should fix yourself soon.


The Bovine Bourbon

This combination works in a yin-yang combination. First, Exit Brewing’s Milk Stout boasts a full, sweet body with hints of chocolate, while retaining darker notes of roasted coffee. Then, a shot of Bulleit Bourbon balances that by bringing a sharp, spicy body with notes of sweetness on its smooth finish. Buy a bottle of both and blend this brilliant boiler-maker for yourself.


The Wicked Turkey

This wicked combination is a wild success because the sweet spice and caramel notes of Wild Turkey Bourbon are an interesting foil for the refreshing crispness of Wicked Elf Pilsner, highlighting that flavour. Find out how good it is for yourself.


The Smoke-Maker

There’s a lot of smoke to be seen here, but instead of fire you’ll find only flavour in this boiler-maker. The sharp smokey hit of Laphroaig 10 Year Old Scotch Whisky works well with the substantially smokey mouth-feel of Dalgety’s Smoked Porter, a perfect complement to their respective roasted tastes. Realise the potential of their combination by crafting this boiler-maker for yourself.

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