Fanatical about Fiji Rum? Read on!

As Fiji is, geologically speaking, a fairly young country, the island retains its very rich volcanic soils with virtually no erosion. As a result, its sugar cane is organically grown and among the best in the world. This, combined with pure Fijian water and the perfect tropical climate for maturation, makes Fijian rum some of the finest on Earth. Taking advantage of these natural advantages, the Fiji Rum Company have been crafting award-winning rums on the island for almost forty years. If you fancy yourself a fan of finely crafted rum, you can read about their best bottlings below. Of course, if you’re more interested in a hands-on experience, you could always attend our FIJI Rum Co & BBQ Tasting Event read more about that later!


Ratu Aged Rum

These rich rums are aged in charred oak barrels, then filtered through coconut shell carbon. The result in a range of exotic flavours. As for the name, Ratu is the title granted to Fijians who reached the honourable status of chief. It is fitting for a rum so fit for royalty; Handcrafted with the finest local Fijian ingredients, and filtered through a unique coconut shell carbon.  these premium rums provide a deliciously smooth, and distinctively clean taste. The current range includes a 5 Year Old Spiced Rum, a 5 Year Old Dark Rum and an 8 Year Old Signature. If you’d be interested in the chance to sample these chiefly spirits, as well as savouring some succulent Fijian BBQ, consider coming to our FIJI Rum Co & BBQ Tasting Event.


Bati Spiced Rum

Each offering from Fiji Rum Co’s Bati range is barrel-aged for two years, then filtered through coconut shell carbon . The result is a range of rums that are neither too sweet nor too strong, just subtle enough to savour. If you’re curious about the name, it comes to us from Fiji’s ancient warrior culture. The Bati were fearsome warriors who protected their homeland with hellacious fury. Revered and reviled the world over, their dedication to defending Fiji kept the island free from sailors and pirates for centuries. This protection ensured the island of Fiji would forever remain an idyllic paradise free from impurity. It was only because of this that such exceptionally smooth rums could become crafted, inspiring the Fiji Rum Co to thank the Bati on every bottle. The current range includes a Premium White Rum, a Premium Spiced Rum and a Premium Dark Rum. Shop the New Bati Rum Range here now!

Bounty Fiji Rum

Bounty Rum, born from the fertile volcanic soils of Viti Levu and aged in the warm tropical coastal climate, captures the spirit of the South Pacific. Only the best liquid, aged patiently in small batches, is carefully blended by Fiji Rum Co’s master distiller to create Bounty Rum. Capturing a treasure trove of flavours across a variety of blends, each bottle is a prize worthy of its name. As well as Bounty White Rum, Bounty Spiced Rum and Bounty Dark Rum, MyBottleShop offers the exclusive Bounty Overproof Rum. Unfortunately, it’s proved so popular that you’ll need to apply to our waiting list to acquire it.

Of course, if you can’t wait to get your hands on these and more Fijian rums, you should really consider coming along to our FIJI Rum Co & BBQ Tasting Event where you’ll get to taste a traditional, succulent Fijian Pork & Pineapple BBQ. Tickets are limited, so grab your ticket today!


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