Four Fine Ways To Enjoy Absinthe

With drinking rituals as old as its alchemical recipe, Absinthe has been enjoyed in many ways by artists and bohemians over the centuries. These are four of the most fascinating methods, half of which involve fire:

Method One – Classic French

Fill your glass with a jigger of absinthe. Place your absinthe spoon across the rim, and a sugar-cube in the middle. Slowly drip iced water over the sugar cube until it is completely dissolved. The ratio of iced water to absinthe should be roughly 4:1. Take your absinthe spoon and stir until the cloud ‘louche’ becomes pronounced. Set down your spoon and savour the flavour of a halcyon French salon.

Method Two – Czech

Begin in the French fashion by placing a sugar-cube on an absinthe spoon over a glass filled with roughly a jigger of the green spirit. Now, splash a little absinthe on the sugar-cube. Very carefully light the sugar on fire, and keep it burning for less than a minute (or until brown). Before the sugar begins to burn into the absinthe, extinguish the flame with iced water. Pour iced water over the caramelised sugar until the ratio is roughly 4:1, then savour the sensational taste of burnt sugar in your spirit.

Method  Three – The Glass Within a Glass

Place a small glass of absinthe within a larger glass. Drip cold water into the smaller glass until it is completely full of cold water. There should be three or four parts water to one part absinthe. Remove the smaller glass and savour the sweet taste.

Method Four – Backdraft

This is another one which involves playing with fire, so be very careful! First, fill a shot glass with absinthe. Then, set fire to the surface. No longer than five seconds after the fire is lit, place your hand over the rim to cut off its oxygen. This should extinguish the flame immediately, and you should feel a suction effect. With your hand still fixed over the rim, bring it your nose and gently break the suction. You should slowly savour the alcohol vapours as they escape the glass, then down the rest immediately.

If you’ve enjoyed these methods and wish to make your own attempt, then let us tempt you with our wide range of absinthes.

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