Melbourne Moonshine Launch

Melbourne Moonshine – Hand Made Quality

Melbourne Moonshine is from the deep South…South Melbourne that is! Melbourne Moonshine is a corn based shine made to a recipe that honours the prohibition period in the United States.  Corn has been sourced directly from Victorian farmers and the shine is distilled and bottled in South Melbourne.

Melbourne Moonshine Bottle
Melbourne Moonshine Bottle

The Melbourne shine is a slightly sweet liquor with a dry finish, smooth to drink straight or blend with your favourite mixers such as Fever Tree Lemonade or Capi Ginger Beer.

Made by two mates in Melbourne, one from South Carolina (with secret Appalachian moonshine recipe in hand) and an Aussie.  The spirit is made in alembic stills which are hand crafted in Portugal from copper hammered over tree stumps.

Melbourne Moonshine is made to quality not quantity.  Grab your self a bottle of Melbourne Moonshine now.

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