It’s beginning to look a lot like SUMMER. Isn’t it beautiful? Summer for us is great cocktails and bloody great fun. And you can find both here. Visit us in the Lab and let us serve you some of our favourite summer cocktails in Eileen’s Bar, or go one further and join us for a Cocktail Masterclass to learn how to make them yourself. See below for the summer instalment and link to get tickets.  

If you’re at home or on holidays making drinks, last week we gave you Bloody & Lemon, and this week we’re all about the Olive Leaf Gintonic. If you have been kinda, maybe, thinking you should give this (our new savoury gin) a go, take this as a sign. A Spanish-style gintonic is calling. If you order it here, the gin will be wrapped and ready in our perfect summer tote, and free shipping over $150 is still on offer.  


Gintonic – not a typo – is the way the Spaniards do a G&T and it’s the perfect way to enjoy our biggest release of 2020, Olive Leaf Gin. So what makes a Gintonic a Gintonic? The difference is in the ice and tonic. A touch more ice and a touch more tonic in a slightly bigger glass (we’ve included the specs for this one below) and sip it slow on a hot summer afternoon. 

Sipping on this gin balloon full of ice, tonic and deliciously savoury Olive Leaf Gin, it’s the closest thing we’ll get to the Med this summer, and honestly, we reckon it’s not a bad substitute. How fortunate we are.

Olive Leaf Gin is the result of five years of experimenting with savoury ingredients like olive oil, rosemary and bay leaf, and the result is a delicious, bright and textural gin. Give the Gintonic a go and after that, try it in a martini – it’s an absolute winner.


45ml Olive Leaf Gin
120ml Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic
Lemon and rosemary

Fill a large wine glass with ice.
Add gin and tonic.
Garnish with lemon slices and sprig of rosemary.

If you’ve got a different gin on the shelf, you’ll find more classic.


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