Tasmanian Whisky Week

Tasmanian Whisky Week 2016

The inaugural Tasmanian Whisky Week has been in full swing from 22nd to 31st July 2016.  The Tassie whisky week was designed to culminate with Whisky Live visiting Tasmania for the first time.  Industry events were held across 9 days in Tasmanian distilleries, bars, restaurants and hotels in the lead up to Whisky Live Hobart being held on Saturday July 30 with distillers and brand ambassadors from all over the world. Tickets were strictly limited for all events.

Whisky Live for those that don’t know is Australia’s premiere whisky tasting and education event. Whisky Live travel most Australian states and allows visitors to explore the world of flavours from whiskies across the world, as well as attending whisky classes during the event.

Co-ordinated by Drinks Tasmania, the week provided an excellent chance for Australian whisky producers to showcase their ever growing whisk wares.  Sadly it seems though that many Tasmanian whisky producers don’t even have enough stock to warrant renting a booth at Whisky Live.  Demand far outstrips supply as it without creating further demand.

Tasmanian Whisky producers that participated in the first Tasmanian Whisky week included Tasmanian Distillery (producers of the now world famous Sullivan’s Cove Whisky), Redlands Distillery, Shene Estate Distillery, Overeem, Heartwood and Belgrove Distillery.  Many lucky visitors had the chance to visit distilleries and watch whisky production, meet the head distillers face to face and ask questions.  Feedback for the first year was overwhelmingly positive.



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