Easy Gin & Honey Cocktails to make at home ?

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Need a little cocktail inspiration? We’ve partnered with a local honey business, Curly Honey, to bring you some easy Gin & Honey cocktails to make at home and impress your mates.  You’re welcome!

A sweet & fruity highball


60mls Lilly Pilly Pink Gin
30mls Honey Syrup
30mls Lemon Juice

Method: Build into highball glass, top w ice and soda. Garnish with Lemon Myrtle Leaf.

To make the honey syrup: Add 200g of honey to 400ml of boiled water.

Lilly Pilly Pink Gin

A citrus & peachy punch


45mls Coastal Citrus Gin
30mls Lemon Juice
20mls Quandong Curly Honey Syrup

Method: Shake down over ice, strain into chilled coupe glass, garnish w dried peach.

To make Quandong & Honey Syrup:
Add 200g of honey and 4g of dried quandong powder to 400ml boiled water and stir.  

Coastal Citrus Gin

Source By: manlyspirits.com.au

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