Get in quick to experience The Gospel’s latest project release

Melbourne rye whiskey distillery, The Gospel, will release just 55 bottles of their latest – and extremely limited – project release, Wheated Rye this week.

Renowned for their 100% rye whiskey, Wheated Rye is the first experimental whiskey from The Gospel that introduces a second grain into their mash bill, making it truly unique. 

The Gospel’s Master Distiller Ian Thorn said, “Last year we found a bunch of odd little barrels that Ben and Andrew had filled back in the day. One was a rye whiskey mixed with a high proportion of wheat, aged in a second-use barrel. Everyone on the team was blown away by it. So, while it’s an extremely limited run, we want whiskey fanatics to revel in it too.”

Wheat is synonymous with Australia, being the largest produced grain within the industry, and was the perfect grain to experiment with.

This extremely limited Wheated Rye was double pot distilled from a mash bill of 60% Mallee Rye and 40% Wheat Malt, and aged in a second fill American Oak cask for 2.75 years. The peppery spice of the rye is softened by the malted wheat, embodying flavours of whole wheat bread and spiced jam. The result is a smooth and easy drinking whiskey, perfect for sipping. 

The release is limited to 55 bottles, has an RRP of $130, well below other limited whiskey releases from Australia, retaining The Gospel’s ethos of delicious but affordable whiskey.

Available from 8:30am Wednesday 10 February on The Gospel Whiskey’s distillery website, the release will join the brand’s core range, Solera Rye and Straight Rye Whiskey. It follows their last sold-out project, Ochota Barrels Gamay Cask.

Source By: Ioni Doherty

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