Hibiki 35 Year Old

Suntory Hibiki 35 year old Arita and Kutani edition 2016 !

Suntory created the surprise by unveiling two ultra limited edition of Hibiki 35 year old called Arita and Cuntani which release is scheduled for 2018. Hibiki, the most famous blended whisky from Japan, in its 35 year old version hasn’t been bottled for several years, and due to the shortage of old and very old Japanese whiskies everybody feared to ever see again one […]

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Suntory Chita Grain Whisky Australia

Suntory Chita Grain Whisky Lands in Australia

House of Suntory has released the first single grain whisky from its Chita distillery into the Australian market with a retail price of $90. Crafted on the Chita Peninsula in Japan’s seaside Aichi Prefecture, Chita Single Grain Whisky is marked by its superb smoothness and balance. It is this silkiness of flavour that saw Chita whiskies […]

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Nikka Whisky Australia

Nikka Whisky Range Launches in Australia

Asahi Premium Beverages officially launched Nikka Whisky’s Coffey range into the Australian market during February 2018. A liquor industry launch was held in Sydney where bartenders and whisky people were lead through a tasting of a selection of the fine whiskies produced by Nikka, focusing on the unique Coffey column distilled whiskies as well as the Taketsuru […]

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Yamazaki Whisky Distillery

Yamazaki Whisky Distillery Japan

Background Yamazaki Distillery is a unique single distillery producing a variety of whiskies, which very few distilleries in the world can match. Yamazaki started out crafting world-class whisky to please the delicate Japanese palate. This theme has been a constant over the distillery’s long history as craftsmen add new innovations while continuing to practise skills passed […]

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Japanese Whisky Christmas

Australia Prepares for a Japanese Christmas

The demand for Japanese Whisky has never been more prevalent in Australia, we have an insatiable thirst for it. With a quick investigation using Google Trends, it is apparent that Aussies can’t get enough of our new found whisky of choice. Australia ranks as the country with the highest number of queries among search terms for […]

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White Oak Japanese Whisky Australia

Focus on White Oak Distillery Akashi

The nation of Japan is considered an archipelago, or chain of islands, and consists of four major islands and thousands of smaller ones, which are divided into 11 regions. These regions are further divided into 47 prefectures,  Hyogo being one of these.  Hyogo prefecture is located almost in the centre of the Japanese archipelago on […]

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