Upshot Australian Whiskey Released

New Upshot Australian Bourbon Style Whiskey Released

The boys over at Whipper Snapper distillery in Perth’s inner city suburb of East Perth have been patiently waiting waiting for over 2 years for their new whiskey to be released. In what started life as white lightening or (more affectionally) moonshine, this new so called Upshot Australian Whiskey is hand crafted from 100% West Australian grains (corn wheat and barley). Upshot whiskey is and Australian expression of a well-rounded bourbon. Uniquely smooth and inviting. Artfully aged in virgin southern white oak in Perth’s urban mediterranean climate.

So why Upshot? Well that’s when a whipper snapper get’s too big for his boots! He’s referred to as a young upshot.

Upshot Australian Bourbon Style Whiskey has been crafted with the freshest Western Australian premium local ingredients of Corn, Wheat and Malted Barley that is personally sourced by Whipper Snapper distillers. These finest grains are then milled and hand fed into a mash kettle unlocking all the grains fermentable sugars.

Whipper Snapper’s custom designed 16 plate rectifying still is used to distill the grain mash.  Only the purest alcohol makes the final Whipper Snapper cut.  Great care is taken by the master distillers to take the final spirit to a uniquely high proof ready for barrelling.

Upshot Australian Whisky is aged for at least 2 years in fresh heavily charred Southern American White Oak barrels. The beautifully harsh Western Australian climate allows the spirit to mature to an exceptional quality, giving unique West Australian flavour and characteristics.

All bottles of Upshot are individually hand labelled and filled on-site at the distillery. The pure casked spirit is transferred to the bottle untouched leaving all natural characteristics developed throughout the process and ensuring all cask flavours are intact. Finally each bottle is then personally signed and dated by Whipper Snapper’s head distiller before being delivered to the tasting room for final testing and release.

Tasting this new Australian whisky reveals a fragrant yet delicious melange of vanilla, dark toffee and hints of nutmeg flavour, infused in a creamy texture. Perfect for enjoying across seasons and in good company. Cask numbered.  If you would like to buy a bottle of Upshot Australian Whiskey click here.

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